Brighten your classroom with our fun school pencils! Choose from birthday pencils, school classroom pencils, motivational award pencils and many more … we have several designs.

We also have sharpened testing pencils for your state! Please call for availability and pricing.

Sold by Gross Only | Minimum Order of $45

* Toppers sold separately. Call for pricing.

144 – $0.25 each
(1 gross)

288 – $0.24 each
(2 gross)

432 – $0.23 each
(3 gross)

576 – $0.22 each
(4 gross)

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D1353G Birthday Glitz Asst

D1356 Birthday Blitz

D1361 Happy Birthday Fiesta Asst

D1375G Honor Roll Glitz

D1376G Perfect Attendance Glitz

D1401G Outstanding Student

D1407 Student Of The Week

D1409 Doing A Good Job

D1412 My Principal Is Proud Of Me

D1415 Super Reader

D1418 Caught Doing Good

D1427 I’m A Winner

D1451 Smiley Faces

Halloween PencilsHalloween Pencils

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D1526 TAKS

D1536G Do Your Best On The Test Glitz

D1548 Super Star

D1549 BUG Award Bringing Up Grades

D2210 Academic Excellence

D2227 Read To Achieve

D2212 A Honor Roll

D2272 Good Conduct

D2284 Student Of The Month

D2316 Survive The FCAT

2317 Terrific Kid

D2323 B Honor Roll

Valentines Day Pencils

St Patrick’s Day Pencils